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Celebrate creation – Care for the earth – Commit to a better planet

Creation &Earth Science

Celebrating Creation

Creation & Earth Science

Explore the earth from a new perspective! University researchers and scientific professionals will demonstrate the science behind God’s creation though talks, lectures and interactive presentations.


Creation Science
Tomislav Terzin, PhD
Associate Professor/Biology
University Alberta
Dr. Tomislav Terzin is an associate professor of biology at Augustana Faculty, University of Alberta. Dr. Terzin teaches undergraduate courses in Genetic, Developmental Biology, Molecular Biology of the Gene, and Zoology of Invertebrates. Born in Serbia (former Yugoslavia) in 1971, Dr. Terzin received BSc. degree in Molecular Biology and Physiology from the University of Belgrade in 1996. In 2007. Tom receives PhD degree in Zoology from Western University, London, Ontario. His graduate work is in the field of insect developmental genetics. Tom was working on polyembryonic development in a parasitoid wasp Copidosoma floridanum. His most significant scientific contribution was published as a shared first authorship in prestigious scientific journal "Nature" in December 2004: Dr. Terzin is a recipient of Graduate Student Teaching Award from Western University in 2005. In 2009 Dr. Terzin moves with his family to Alberta, Canada where he got assistant professor position at Augustana Faculty, University of Alberta. Tom is associate professor since 2015. Beside teaching, Dr. Terzin does research in the field of insect colour patterning and mimicry as well as in the scholarship of teaching and interdisciplinary studies related to insect colour patterns. Dr. Terzin established arguably world's first undergraduate research laboratory of entomology in 2017. Dr. Terzin is also active in the field of the relations between religion and science, and gave several hundred public presentations worldwide. His recorded presentations have over three million views on You Tube.

Perspectives on Creation & Evolution
Jeliazko G. Polihronov PhD Applied Mathematics

Creation Science
Tim Standish PHD,
Geoscience institute
Environmental Biology & Public Policy


Caring for the Earth

Caring for the Earth

Now its Your turn! Learn new practical ways that YOU can do to help care for the planet. Passionate community organizations and government organizations will give you the tools you need to help start saving the earth today!

Going Paperless
Donavan Gibson
Konica Minolta

Organic Gardening
Daniel & George Cho

Poster competition

Commit to a Better Planet

Be inspired to make a difference

Find out what you can do globally. Talk with people from ADRA Canada, a global relief agency that is creating safe water for communities and sustainability projects worldwide.

Be sure to drop by our poster competition! Our young scientists of tomorrow will be leading the way by informing us of environmental issues and teaching us how to make things right. Do you want to take part? Click here to find out more