Poster Design Contest


1. This poster design contest is open to the students of Adventist schools with the following categories:

     a. Grades 1-3

     b. Grades 4-6

     c. Grades 7-8

     d. Grades 9-12

2. Posters must incorporate creative and original artwork.

3. Posters should deliver a clear and positive message about creation or the promotion and protection of the earth’s environment.

4. Posters should contain proper spelling and grammar.

5. Posters must be no larger than standard poster board size (22” x 28”) and no smaller than 8½” x 11”.

7. DO NOT write names on front of posters. Please write Name of Student, Grade, Name of School, etc. on the back. Keep in mind that winning posters become the property of the Ontario Conference and may be reproduced or reprinted.

8. Deadline for submission of entries: Friday, April 5, 2019.


CLICK HERE for poster design tips and ideas.


Time remaining before deadline:

-73Days -5Hours -43Minutes -27Seconds